Course / Event “Terms and Conditions”



General Conditions: 

By booking into a Circleofdrums course or event, or making a booking or purchase enquiry about a Circleofdrums event, you agree to all the terms and conditions stated below:

You agree to be bound by the following Cancellation, Refunds and Transfer policies and Circleofdrums liability is limited as expressed in the policy and these “Terms and Conditions”.

Circleofdrums management reserves the right to cancel, postpone, change or amend dates to any of its courses or events at any time without notice, before or during a Circleofdrums event or course. Circleofdrums reserves the right to refuse entry to any of its events at any time without notice before or during a Circleofdrums event or course.

Advertised Dates and Times: 

The advertised dates and times of courses and other Circleofdrums events may change without warning. If this is the case, all reasonable attempts will be made to contact you via email, telephone or in person however, confirmation of starting times and venues remains the responsibility of the student / client.

Our Cancellation Policy: 

Circleofdrums “term courses”, “half day courses” and “drumming retreats” require a minimum number of students / clients to proceed. Should the course / event be cancelled or postponed, an email will be sent two days before the start date in most but not all cases. If you do not receive a courtesy email or confirmation two days before the start date, it is your responsibility to contact Circleofdrums to confirm whether the course is proceeding or not. Students are also required to check the Circleofdrums website and events page for updates. In the event the course or event is cancelled due to low enrolments, the fee will be refunded to the client or if available, the client can opt to transfer the fee to the following term. Refunds can take up to 14 working days to be processed.

*NOTE  It is the responsibility of the student / client to thoroughly read all Circleofdrums terms, conditions and policies on the Circleofdrums website before making their booking or purchase.

Enrolment Disclaimer: 

Enrolments in Circleofdrums courses are not transferable to another person.

Any enrolment made by you in the manner described on this website is an offer by you to purchase a particular course or service for the price (excluding other charges) specified in this website at the time you place your order. Circleofdrums reserves the right to accept or reject your offer for any reason, including, without limitation, the unavailability of any course, an error in the price or the product description posted on this website, or an error in your order. There may be reasons why Circleofdrums cannot complete your enrolment. Therefore, your contract with Circleofdrums only comes into existence when we advise you that Circleofdrums has accepted your enrolment and confirmation of your payment, along with the venue details has been sent to you via email. Tax invoices can be sent upon request.

Refund Policy: 

Fees for any Circleofdrums courses or events are only refunded if the particular course or event booked by the client does not go ahead on the date advertised or the registered person who purchased the course or event requests a full refund 14 working days prior to the course or event commencing.

(**Note: For Circleofdrums retreats, a minimum of 21 working days notice must given to receive a full refund)

**IMPORTANT – Changes to a client’s work commitments, health issues or personal circumstances outside of the above conditions will not be considered as grounds for a refund, full or partial, or term / event transfer.

Please choose your course / event carefully. It is the responsibility of the purchaser / client to read all the Circleofdrums booking terms, conditions and policies on the Circleofdrums website before making their booking or purchase. Circleofdrums cannot take financial or non-financial responsibility for the students or clients personal change of circumstances which are beyond the control of Circleofdrums management.

**NOTE: Any client or student who has had their course / event enrolment terminated due to breach of Circleofdrums terms, conditions and policies are not entitled to a refund, partial or full nor a transfer to future Circleofdrums courses or events. 

Student / Client Code of Conduct: 

Circleofdrums views students as equals in the learning process. As such, students participating have similar responsibilities in respect to the course facilitator and to each other. Students / clients therefore will agree to:

  • Respect the individuality and rights of the facilitator and all fellow students
  • Respect the right of the facilitator to be treated in a fair and civil manner before, during and after any Circleofdrums events and courses.
  • Maintain privacy and confidentiality in respect of all matters relating to Circleofdrums courses, events, tutorials, it’s participants and facilitator(s) – past and present – and will adhere to directions from the course facilitator at all times.
  • Behave in a civil manner at all times and not endanger, harass or display disruptive, negative or abusive behaviour towards the facilitator or others before, during or after any Circleofdrums events and/or courses. To do so will result in immediate dismissal from all Circleofdrums events and courses and all monies paid to attend said events or courses shall be forfeited with no refunds or future transfers.
    • Participate positively during class at all times.
    • Adhere to all Circleofdrums policies and procedures, including any rules and regulations.
  • **NOTE: Student dismissal is purely at the discretion of Circleofdrums management.

Circleofdrums is not required to give students any warning of dismissal however, students who have a grievance they wish to discuss are welcome to do so, by writing to Circleofdrums management - (via email only – to voice any concerns they may have. Discussing or voicing disappointment and/or disapproval towards the facilitator, Circleofdrums management or its students before, during or after any Circleofdrums event or course will result in immediate dismissal from all Circleofdrums events and courses and all monies paid to attend said events or courses shall be forfeited with no refunds or future transfers.

Marketing and Privacy:

Circleofdrums values its time, intellectual property and financial investments made to create a client database, by gathering  information from prospective clients and participating clients for the purpose of promotions, including ongoing marketing purposes for upcoming and future Circleofdrums events and does not permit the marketing, promoting,  networking or advertising of any other events, of any description, of any kind at any Circleofdrums events or courses without the express written permission by Circleofdrums management.  To do so will result in immediate dismissal from the event and all monies paid to attend the event or course shall be forfeited with no refunds or future transfers.

Circleofdrums will send newsletters via email to clients, students and past students for the purpose of upcoming courses and other related events and also for general marketing. Students may at any time unsubscribe from the Circleofdrums newsletter by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the footer of the newsletter. Unsubscribing does not require personal contact. The mail system will remove your subscription automatically.

No personal information is disclosed / shared to unauthorised persons or organizations. Circleofdrums does not use any student information for secondary or third party marketing purposes.

Copyright Policy:   

All Circleofdrums course tutorials are registered with the Australian Performing Rights Association (APRA) and are subject to Australian copyright laws. They will always remain the property of Circleofdrums and cannot be reproduced, shared privately or publicly on any media of any form including electronic and/or social media. Circleofdrums tutorials can only be used by its registered students only, for the purpose of learning the rhythms set out in the particular Circleofdrums course they enrolled for; And for that particular term only. The tutorials are not to be used for any other purpose other than their original intention stated above.


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